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…one municipal employer leveraged our ideas and services to experience 0% healthcare increase over a 5 year period…
Health & Wellness Programs 
Sachs Insurance Services can help your company begin to reduce the health risk associated with your employees through population health management. Through our program, we proactively seek ways to reduce the actual risk associated with your benefit programs. Through the development of an integrated population health management program, we begin actively reducing your employees healthcare risk and thus lowering costs both in the short-tem and long-term. Complete population health management considers both disease management efforts, as well as wellness programs.
Targeted Disease Management

For the 1% of employers that really want to get their hands dirty and create a healthier workforce, there are additional strategies with a proven track record of positive return on investment. In fact, one municipal employers leveraged our ideas and services to experience 0% healthcare increase over a 5 year period! Ultimately disease management is all about each individual employer. At Sachs Insurance, we are poised to assist even the most aggressive, cutting-edge efforts of employers interested in reducing the actual risks associated with their employee population.

Wellness Programs

It is important to understand that at its core, wellness is all about culture change. At the outset, it is important to know that changing a corporate culture requires a dynamic effort, patience, and top-level leaders support. At Sachs Insurance Services, we have developed a proprietary process to leverage our staff wellness consultant and administrative platform. We currently have thousands of employees living better, more productive lives because of the ideas and strategies we have deployed with our clients.

Wellness Incentive Tracking

With Sachs Insurance at your side, you are free to create complex plan designs that include wellness financial incentives for performing wellness screenings, or for an employees successful completion of wellness related challenges. Since our entire administrative platform integrates, you can simply communicate what you what to accomplish one time and leave the rest of us.

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