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About Us 
Sachs Insurance Services is one of the largest employee benefits consulting and administration firms in the country,offering products and services to help businesses navigate the rough waters of the employee insurance industry. Hundreds of companies work with the Sachs Insurance team to provide world-class benefit programs to their employees.

At Sachs Insurance Services, our number one priority is meeting the needs of our customers. Having been in the employee benefits industry for more than 35 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and listened to the challenges faced by companies in the administration of their benefits. Our goal is to respond to these challenges with real-world solutions.

The most simplistic definition of a solution is “a method for solving a problem.” So we’ve created a variety of methods to address the unique responsibilities of a human resource professional, CFO or CEO in handling the complex details of administering employee benefits.

We understand that not all businesses experience the same obstacles.

A manufacturing company may have a very different set of challenges than a hospital or a bank. That’s why we’ve created a catalog of services to respond to each clients’ specific concerns. You can choose from our services in an integrated approach, or select one service that meets an immediate need.

Give us the opportunity to work with your company to develop a customized solution to address your unique challenges.

From Our Clients:

“I have worked for many large corporations through the years and during those times had the opportunity to work with many different providers of employee benefit administration. One thing that is certain, the customer service I receive from Sachs Insurance is far above anything I have ever encountered before.”

Amy Jenkins
Porter Gaud Academy

 License Number # 0613344